I can actually remember the excitement in the air from my mom as we sat down Thanksgiving night to watch Reba on TV. Dad was running around making sure the VCR was set, and even had a backup recorder running just in case the other one stopped.

Reba Live was recorded as a Thanksgiving special that aired on NBC. It was filmed during her big tour in the states in 1994. The stage was big, the hair was huge, and the show featured all of the hits you wanted her to sing. Not only was the 1994 tour one of the red-headed singer's first big tours, but it was her big debut on network television for all to see.

YouTube Reba McEntire
YouTube Reba McEntire

The set list for the show included Fancy, Is There Life out There, Walk On, and 9 to 5. Not only did she cover Dolly, but she does a jaw-dropping rendition of Aretha Franklin's Respect. I remember watching this show and being amazed that I was seeing an actual live concert happen in front of my eyes.

Now, you can relive that moment from 1994. The concert in its entirety will be streamed on Reba's YouTube page on July 17 beginning at 7:00pm. Might as well tease your hair, grab a beer, and get ready to relive the '90s all over again with Reba!

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