Amy DuPont is a news reporter in Milwaukee and she's got a viral video on her hands!

Apparently, she had told her camera guy that there wasn't enough snow on the ground to start a snow fight in the area.  Life Lesson #45628 for Ms. DuPont: Never challenge a guy to prove there is enough snow on the ground for a snowball fight.  Because he will fire one right in the kisser to prove a point!  And, this all happened a few seconds before she was to go on LIVE TV with a report!  That is hilarious!  Kudos to the camera guy on timing as well.

He says he wasn't aiming for her face, but I can tell in his boyish laugh that it was exactly his intentions.  I mean come on, in a snowball fight, if it isn't the face or an ear, it's a wasted throw!  Nobody every feels accomplished with an arm shot. Luckily she thought it was funny.

I've prolly watched this video about 30 times already and I'm currently living vicariously through this guy!

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