It's been over ten months now since Southwest Louisiana was devastated by not one but two hurricanes with less than six weeks between them. If you ride around the city, it's heartbreaking to see all the local restaurants that are still closed due to damage they suffered in the storms.

Most are locally owned businesses and are the main sources of income for the owners and employees who are from right here in Southwest Louisiana.

Some of the restaurants that come to mind we hope make a comeback are Ball's Fried Chicken on Enterprise Boulevard and the second location on Common Street by McNeese, both in Lake Charles.

Another locally owned restaurant we can't wait to have back is Mr. Bill's Seafood Express on East McNeese Street in Lake Charles. They are huge supporters of our community and the McNeese Athletics program.

We are seeing progress at certain locations, like Pat's of Henderson. They are rebuilding their location and we hope to have them back soon.

We found out yesterday that Church's Fried Chicken on Highway 171 just reopened yesterday, and the lines were crazy as people were excited to see it come back.

We are just hoping all our locally owned restaurants will rebuild and make a comeback soon. We support local businesses because they are our friends and they employ local people here in the community. We look forward to seeing them again soon.

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