Well, it couldn't hurt could it? The play of the New Orleans Saints special teams has directly resulted in at least two losses for the Black and Gold this season. Many fans were wondering if anything would be done about the current lack of production and protection in the punting, kickoff, and field goal units. There has been something done.

The Saints already have two special teams coaches with Greg McMahon as the coordinator and Stan Kwan as the assistant coach. It appears as though there will now be an additional coach added to that mix. According to a report from Fox Television's Jay Glazer,there will be an addition but the identity of that individual has yet to be made public.

Larry Holder, a writer for the Times-Picayune and NOLA.com reported in his piece that the Saints special teams have been horrendous. There have been multiple players placed in the role of kickoff and punt returner. None of those individuals have managed to keep the job.

Meanwhile, the field goal unit has seen three blocked attempts. Two of those were on field goal tries and the third was a blocked extra point against Denver that cost the Saints a victory.