Amazon held a hardware release event this week to go over new features and updates to Alexa. One of those new features is adding celebrity voices to the mix. The neat, and creepy, thing about this new addition is that the celebrities will not have to record the messages in order to make responses.

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Amazon calls it neutral text-to-speech technology. This allows Alexa to replicate the voice of the person without having them present to record. There will be multiple voices, and celebrities to choose from, Amazon only mentioned Samuel L. Jackson during the event. They did go on to say there will be a non-explicit and explicit version for his particular voice, obviously we are going with the explicit version.

I just added mother f@#$*% eggs to your list, Karen

The new release is set to debut later this year at the cost of .99 cents. They went on to add that Alexa will now be able to pick up on your voice inflection. If you respond in a frustrated tone, she will respond accordingly. Lord knows my personal Alexa gets talked to side ways from time to time.

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