Tuesday night was the finale of the Lake Charles Mardi Gras season as the Krewe of Krewe's parade rolled down Ryan Street in Lake Charles.

Thousands upon thousands of people lined up on the parade route from downtown Lake Charles all the way to Sale and Ryan Streets in South Lake Charles.

People flocked to the area early Tuesday morning to get their spot for the parade. Folks were cooking, drinking, and ready to have a great time for Mardi Gras.

Well, sometimes that just doesn't work out. Some folks ruin it for everyone else. Such is the case in the video you are about to watch.

Fight 2

At the beginning of the video, you will see three people on the ground, two males and a female. Once they are up, you will see the female subject go after a man in a black shirt.

She starts swinging at him and lands a few punches. Then you see her get pulled back and that is when the man in the black shirt comes running back at them. It seems like things are settling down but then enters a man in a white tank top screaming.

Then you will see a few Calcasieu Parish Sherrif's Deputies enter the screen and that is when the situation defuses.  It's funny that when the police show up, you will see them start hugging it out as if nothing happened.

Just an unfortunate event during a time of celebration.  Let's all just try and get along folks and have some peace in this world we live in.

Strange Louisiana Laws


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