Spring forward, Fall back. Most Americans just don't like to have to adjust the time twice a year. Most say it messes up their sleep and routine.

I can't speak for everyone but I would love to see time stay the same all year long and after yesterday, it may just happen.

News broke yesterday that the United States Senate passed a bill to keep the time the same all year round.  That means that the time would stay permanent every year with no changes.

Here is the problem, the Senate passed it but now it has to go to the House of Representatives for a vote.  Then it will have to go to the president to sign.  There is no guarantee if the House will pass it or if the president will sign it.  So will it happen?  We will have to see.

Businesses Prepare For Earlier Daylight Savings Time
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If all that does occur it wouldn't take effect until next year. So if you were getting excited that you may never have to adjust your clocks again, hold on. If it passes or not, we will be setting our clocks back an hour this fall and forward an hour next spring no matter what.

The good news is though that if the House votes to pass it and the president signs it, we would be springing forward in the Spring of 2023 for good.

According to an NBC & New York Times poll,

A poll last fall found only 25% of Americans like the current system.  43% said they'd rather use Standard Time the whole year, and 32% said Daylight Saving Time should be used year-round.

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