Skittles is planning on releasing a new product called Impossible Egg Hunt Skittles.

They're fun-sized packages printed with several camouflage patterns to make it harder for your kids to find the candy during Easter candy hunts.

The packages have five designs:

  • grass
  • tree bark
  • asphalt
  • kitchen tile
  • snow

The opposite side of the package still has the regular Skittles packaging, so you'll have to be careful to place them camouflage side up when hiding. This is genius. As parents, we take pride in our plastic egg and candy hiding abilities for Easter. Now we have a new weapon to unleash into the candy battlefield.

Can you image the shear joy you'll feel when your kid is inches away from a camo Skittles package and doesn't even know it? Or when they just walk past a package without even second guessing that the piece of tree bark lying on the ground is actually a package full or delicious fruity morsels of goodness? I can't wait.

You should be able to find these bags in stores now.

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