Back in 2020 while we were dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, the rest of the world was dealing with another tragedy. The discontinuation of Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza. I can remember sitting in the studio with Soileau and we got a phone call. We were taking calls with information about where supplies were and what was open. We assumed that's what it was.

Have you heard the devastating news that ISN'T hurricane-related? They're discontinuing the Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell!

I have to be honest, it was a nice break from our reality with hurricane calls. I laughed at the call and we, of course, made the announcement on air. I think I even played sad music in the background when I announced it over the air. It was a nice break from what we were dealing with, but also sad news that when our Taco Bells opened back up we would be missing an all-time favorite.

Taco Bell's reasoning was that they wanted to create a faster fast-food experience. It does take some time to make said "pizza", but it's well worth the wait. What would we do now? Luckily, this is when the internet becomes useful. Pizza fans all over began to speak up about how it was their favorite menu item and that it needs to return. Taco Bell heard it and decided to bring it back this year.

Although its official debut is this Friday, some lucky ones are getting early access to the gastrointestinal feast, but how? Well, secretly Taco Bell is allowing you to get one of your own before its launch if you have their app. Some lucky Lake Charles people found out about it and got them to try. The result? It's just as good as it was before!

Early access, according to Taco Bell, is only available today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday) while supplies last. Also, the Taco Bell you are ordering from must be participating in the promotion for the early access pizza. So go grab the Taco Bell app and give it a go!

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