Only a few short years later, Stapleton got into bluegrass. The band was called The Steeldrivers, and ended up peaking at number two on the bluegrass charts with both albums. If you haven't listened to the Steeldrivers, I would highly suggest it. In 2001, he signed a deal with Sea Gayle Music to be a song writer. Sea Gayle is where he was stalked by his now wife, Morgane. Stapleton would show up to the office randomly each week to drop off songs, and Morgane would wait for him by the office to try and talk to him. After marrying Morgane, also a songwriter and singer, the two ended up singing Amanda at the Gran Old Opry. The following year, Stapleton won CMT's Best Artist of the Year.

49th Annual CMA Awards - Show
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In 2015, the album, Traveller, was produced. Nine songs were picked out of 15 years worth of songs he had written. Things began to take off, but not due to the album's release. It was the 2015 CMA awards that skyrocketed his now widely known success. Justin Timberlake was a guest singer on the awards show and sang his gospel, blues, country pop hit, Drink You Away. Timberlake invited Stapleton on stage to sing a cover song from his newly released album, Tennessee Whiskey. That night is when everyone came to know Chris Stapleton.

Before all of the fame and hype, the bearded musician penned a ton of songs that have influenced all genres of music. Take a peek at some of them that might even make you turn your head to the side in surprise!

Songs You Didn't Know Were Written by Chris Stapleton

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