Well, I guess somepeople just can't be happy being beautiful and mega rich! Oh no, they want everyone to think they have swam in the fountain of youth since the age of five! And now, this Swedish model, Caroline Louise Forsling, is suing Estee Lauder for not photoshopping her enough! She has something called "EGO", must have bought it in bulk!

According to Forsling, the photograph was taken as a test shot during a shoot for an ad for a different Estee Lauder-owned company. The shot shows her without makeup, and her hair pulled completely back from her face. The ad then shows a "before" and "after" side of Forsling's face, with the "after" side showing a flawless complexion, and arrows pointing out the reduced wrinkles and smoothed skin.

Now, she says she is 35, but now no one will hire her because the product she was modeling is used on women who are 45-60! WHAT???

Wonder if she threw a fit they when they took her picture at the DMV?