Well, today is the day a lot of people have been waiting for, for a long time now. It's election day 2020 for not only the next President of the United States but there are also a lot of local races up for grabs.

With all that being said, we went out on location this morning to see how the voter turnout looked as the polls opened at 6:00am. A lot of regular precincts were damaged due to Hurricanes Laura and Delta, causing them to move those precincts to super polling locations. The big three are the Burton Complex, Lake Charles Civic Center, and the West Cal arena in Sulphur.

We went out to one of the super polling places located at the Burton complex in Lake Charles this morning and when we arrived around 5:30am, the line was already wrapped around half of the Burton. Check out these pictures.

Burton Voting (Photo By Mike Soileau TSM)
Burton Voting (Photo By Mike Soileau TSM)
Burton Voting (Photo By Mike Soileau TSM)

We were live on the radio reporting and also went Facebook Live to give SWLA voters an update on the turnout and how long it takes to vote.

Some of the big races in Southwest Louisiana include the race for Calcasieu Parish District Attorney, Ward 3 Marshal, 14th Judicial district judges, Lake Charles City Court Judges, and Ward 4 Marshal.

There are also some amendments you will need to decide on, and the one getting the most attention is about allowing sports betting in the state of Louisiana.

So get out there and vote. Polls all over Southwest Louisiana stay open until 8:00pm.

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