This is what our lives have become. Among Tiger King Memes, "I Spy" Facebook Games, and "Show me the 10th Photo on Your Phone," this riddle seems to be the hot new trend. You might remember a classic of Your Parents Are at the Door.

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::::::::SPOILER COMING::::::::

The riddle goes:

Mr. Smith has four daughters. Each of his daughters has a brother. How many children does Mr. Smith have?

It's all about a play on words. We know for sure that Mr. Smith has the four daughters. So his current tally on offspring is four. The play on words is that each of them has a brother. This is where we all should have paid a bit of attention to our English teacher. Because the word "brother" is singular. Grammatically, only one brother exists for the Smith family. This would say that the Smith daughters only have the one brother. Therefore, your answer would be five total children for Mr. Smith.

If you look at this riddle in more detail, you could change your answer. The line "each of his daughters has a brother" could mean that perhaps they have a brother from another mother or father. Technically, neither the brother nor the son are mentioned about belonging to Mr. Smith. If the sisters have brothers, but not from Mr. Smith, then the answer would be four. We just have to assume that Mr. Smith has been faithful to Mrs. Smith and visa versa for this riddle to work.

There is also a version where people are changing the word has to had. This brings a whole new barrel of monkeys into the mix. The end result is that he "had" four daughters, but now they could possibly be dead and just the brother is left to carry on the legacy. Unless, of course, the riddle also uses "had" for the sisters, in which case Mr. Smith doesn't currently have any kids in the present.

Long story short, you have a 98% chance that you'll be wrong no matter how you answer.

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