Monday, you might have noticed your Facebook friends taking pictures of their booms standing up on their own. The phenomenon is sweeping the internet. According to the challenge, the Earth's gravitational pull was greater yesterday than at any other time of the year.

broom 3

Not to burst your bubble, but a broom will do this on any day of the year. The center of gravity on a broom is very low, towards the business end, and the bristles act like a makeshift tripod when you get it just right. The part that makes is viral is that when is the last time you actually tried to do this with a broom? I did some searching around and verified that NASA didn't say anything about this science trick, and I am sure they are bristling at the idea of people getting this scientific experiment wrong.

Still, the pictures are flying around but with any internet fad, it will be swept under the rug just as fast as it flew in. Also, perhaps if you are going to post pictures of your broom standing up, you might want to use it before taking said picture.

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