In March of 2008, Brad Paisley released "I'm Still a Guy" as the fourth single from his 5th Gear album. The country star co-wrote the tune with Lee Thomas Miller, and following its release, the track continued Paisley's streak of No. 1 singles that stretched back to 2005. "I'm Still a Guy" reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart at the end of May of 2008, becoming his seventh consecutive No. 1 single and 11th overall. The singer earned three additional consecutive No. 1s following "I'm Still a Guy."

Below, Paisley explains the inspiration for the hit single.

I just wanted to capture this struggle a little bit between men and women in a playful way, which is "Why don't you get a little cosmopolitan here and feminize up for me just a bit?" [Laughs]

We're fighting that every step of the way, some of us guys, and ironically, in talking to the radio guys ... they say the majority of the calls for it come from women, and I think the same thing happened with "I'm Gonna Miss Her." These women want their men to hear it, and, by golly, that is the best way to get a man to hear something is to play it for their significant other. They're gonna be forced to listen to it. It's got that nudge-your-partner-with-your-elbow factor to it.

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