All I can say is wow.  If you haven't heard of Mo Pitney, then get ready to hear all about him as he is a rising star in the country music world.  This 22 year old country singer who is originally from Cherry Valley, Illinois is raising some major eyebrows in Nashville where he lives now.

Mo Pitney is also signed to a Major Nashville record label.  Pitney is signed with Curb records and has already released two songs in the past year.  His first release was called "Country" and he released a video for the song as well.  His latest single is "A Boy and A Girl Thing".

Mo Pitney has such a smooth voice and what I love about him most is he is truly a classic country fan at heart.  He sounds old country and knows the history of it as well.

He is truly an old soul for 22 years old.  Be prepared to hear so much more from this talented young country artist who is bringing back the classic sound!

I found this video of Mo Pitney performing the old Mel Street song "Borrowed Angel".  If this don't give you the chills then you are not a true classic country fan!

Wow right?  Well stayed tuned! This young country crooner will be a big star soon!