If you were working on that report that was due by lunch today, you probably missed the deadline. Customers began seeing outages in the area as early as 9:00am according to the site DownDetector. The outage peaked around 11:00am, and then again just before 3:00pm. As the cable, internet, phone, and security provider lost service, users began taking to social media to voice their complaints.

KPLC reported they spoke to a representative of Suddenlink who claims the outage was due to a commercial power outage in the Lake Charles area. Power has now been restored and the service is coming back online gradually. If you are reading this, congrats on getting your internet back on!

Personally, the funniest part might be that since people are searching for information on Suddenlink, their ads are beginning to pop up on their phones to purchase their services. Maybe it was just a solid marketing ploy, well played Suddenlink.

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