Suddenlink promises that 90 percent of their customers will have internet by mid-November, according to KPLC. SWLA residents have been fed up with the actions of Suddenlink, and it got so bad that the company's CEO came down from New York to address the situation personally.

It's not just residential customers feeling the hurt of not having internet, TV, or phone services. Many local businesses are losing tons of money with no service from Suddenlink. A business owner who spoke with KPLC said they are having to pay thousands of dollars a month to an answering service to answer their phones and relay messages to them to keep their businesses operating. Not only are they losing customers and business, but now they have to shell out money they don't have just to stay afloat.

In a statement, Suddenlink not only promises to have 90 percent of their customers restored by mid-November, but they also say they have donated $300,000 to several SWLA charities to help the community rebuild.

To read Suddenlink's entire statement, click here.

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