As we all know, SWLA schools have been closed since March. The COVID-19 pandemic, followed by the strongest hurricane to hit our state in modern history has greatly impacted the children in Louisiana. Parents like myself are extremely worried about their children's education and the danger of them falling behind. Many parents, especially those who lost their homes to the storm, are enrolling their kids in other school districts.

Coronavirus cases are still high in the state and much of the country, for that matter. With that, a lot of parents are concerned about their kids returning to school in person. However, the Virtually Learning option for kids K-12 is new in Louisiana and only offers basic learning skills. That poses a lot of problems for children who take advanced courses, have learning disabilities, or special needs. What a mess!

Two Sulphur high school teachers understand and share the same concerns of other parents in the community. Andrea McFarlain and Jessica Beddoe decided education is too important to put off another day, so they started their own school. According to KPLC, they teamed up with other teachers, all volunteering for free, and started a homeschool. With support from the community and plenty of donations, 400 children started class Monday September 21 at the KC Hall in Sulphur. What started off as a joke turned out to be a great idea. Read the whole story here.

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