Meteorologist Zack Fradella breaks down the possibility of SWLA seeing snow tomorrow.

I for one am not looking forward to snow, because my kids, last year, bet me $100 each that it would snow in 2019.  Being from SWLA my whole life, and the amount of snow I have seen in those years has been few and far between, so I took said bet.

Well, the graphic below has me and my pocket book worried.

If you don't follow Meteorologist Zack Fradella on Facebook, then you're missing out on some amazing Gulf weather forecasts.  Here's what Zack has to say about tonight and tomorrow:

A winter storm is expected to impact the Deep South Tuesday morning bringing a chance for snow and Arctic cold. A few flakes will be possible as far south as the I-10/12 corridors but the real snow accumulations will be confined to central/northern LA, along with most of MS. As I always remind you, snow events bring surprises and they also don’t follow lines like weather graphics do. Understand updates to the forecast will still come over the next 24hrs as we fine tune the details. Some certainty in the forecast is it will be brutally cold Tuesday morning with feels like readings dropping into the teens to low 20s, travel will become dangerous in snow areas as roadways ice over and finally pipe freezes will be possible in some areas by Wednesday morning.

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