Live music might have taken a back seat during the pandemic, but local artists are still trying their best to grind out work and stay relevant in the area. I wrote about the Honky Tonk Mexican a few weeks ago, Johnny Jimenez. Jimenez has a new song out called Whiskey Before Noon, and it is currently working its way up various country charts in SETX and SWLA.

Now adding to that list is our very own Dani LaCour. LaCour is no stranger to the lake area or to the national media. LaCour was featured on American Idol a few years back and has worked to make a name for herself. She continues to play live music at local places around Lake Charles and even as far as Dallas.

LaCour has now released her newest single to all streaming media outlets called Love Games. It even features some other local musicians on the track, including Clint Ward on fiddle. Her Facebook post announced the song as she thanked everyone who helped her make it possible.

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