Get Your Ashes And Decide What To Give Up
If you were raised in south Louisiana, the question, "did you get your ashes and what are you giving up?" is not at all strange to you. Nearly a third of the state's population is Catholic, and the majority of that number live south of Alexandria.
Lent Begins and Fridays Mean Fish
With Lent beginning Fridays become no-meat days for Catholics. That means fish or seafood on Fridays and a temporary boom for seafood restaurants. Where are you going to get your fish?
This Is Dedication Folks!
Wait.  Sick of morning radio?
After consuming only beer and water for 23 days, J. Wilson says there are two things he's sick of — morning radio shows and the Illuminator Doppelbock he's vowed to subsist on through Lent.
The Iowa newspaper editor and beer blogger is halfway through his quest to live on…