Friday becomes the big day each week during the Lent season. No meat? No Problem! Living in SWLA has its perks, one of those being a never-ending supply of seafood restaurants. Which ones are the best? Which ones are the worst? You'll have to decide that on your own. As I wipe the drool from the keyboard, realizing I should have had breakfast before writing this, I realize I am now ready for lunch. Who's hungry?

steamboat captains platter

1. Steamboat Bill's - You cannot have a visitor come to the lake area and not recommend this seafood staple for them to eat. The Captain's Platter will have you leaving with a to-go bag and your pants undone from overeating. There is also a small platter available, but let's be honest, you want leftovers for a snack later on. Offering boiled crawfish, fried seafood galore, boiled shrimp, and a sinful crawfish etouffee', you are guaranteed to leave "seafood satisfied".


2. Darrel's Po-boys - Once again, no one gets out alive unless they go to Darrel's. Of course, the special is the cornerstone of this place, but have no fear, non-meat eaters. The shrimp po-boy is just as amazing as the Special. Throw in the homemade jalapeno mayo or try the wheat bread, and you will leave lunch just ready for a nap.

harlequin shrimp trio

3. The Harlequin - "It's so good, the Mayor eats there." I made that quote up, but you get the point. Also, the Mayor of Lake Charles does eat there, more so because his family has owned and operated it since 1956. Although it's considered a steakhouse, don't let that scare you away. Seafood isn't just a side business for them. They also offer soft shell crab, blackened catfish topped with shrimp, and even a shrimp trio. Don't feel like putting on pants? Don't worry, they thought of that too. Order it on Waitr, and stay home on a Friday night.

leonards seafood platter

4. Leonard's Food Quarters - Leonard's has soul food and home cooking. It's the kind of your grandmother makes, and you take home seven paper plates with tinfoil on. Get ready to leave in a wheelbarrow. The Seafood Platter, featuring fried catfish, stuffed crab, shrimp etouffee', and a shrimp baked potato is the Marsha Brady of the seafood menu at Leonard's. Also available are shrimp baskets, fish baskets, or a giant bowl of crawfish etouffee'. Go ahead, order it all. They won't judge.

luna fish

5. Luna Bar and Grill - Located in Downtown Lake Charles, Luna has now truly set its roots as one of the greatest parts of the Historic Downtown area. Their seafood plates offered are 5-star prepared, but not priced. The blackened fish is just to die for, but the hits just keep on coming: crab cakes, red-fish apollo, and, my personal favorite, the dragon tuna. Also a part of Waitr, you can dine in or carry it out. Either way, you're going to love this place.

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I realize these are just a few places out of the hundreds in the area. Know of some more for us to try or want to tell the area about? Leave a comment, and I'll make the boss break out the credit card to treat us to some!

Now, go out there and enjoy some amazing seafood from these and many more local restaurants in the SWLA and SETX area! If you need a date, I know of a bearded husky guy available to help eat any free food available.

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