With Lent beginning Fridays become no-meat days for Catholics. That means fish or seafood on Fridays and a temporary boom for seafood restaurants. It also means some delicious seafood cooked by locals.  Where are you going to get your fish?

Fried Fish
getty images/Oli Scarff

McDonalds Filet of Fish has always been an easy meal and this year they are offering the Double Filet of Fish. I'm sure I'll have a few. I will also walk down the street from the studios to Steamboat Bills for some seafood. Most local restaurants will offer seafood during lent; but they are not alone. Local civic organizations and churches will also get in on the act. This means seafood cooked by real Cajuns and there is none better! This Friday the Reeves Temple CME Church will offer catfish dinners and will deliver them in Lake Charles (with an order of 5 or more.) You can place orders starting Thursday by calling 436-7861. In case of emergency there are always fish sticks. If you invite me over ...word to the wise is that I can eat my weight in fish sticks!

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