It's pretty much been a year at this point (feels like 20) since we have been able to see a live concert, festival, or been inside of a bar due to COVID-19. We all thought 2021 would show us a glimmer of hope as we counted down to midnight across the world. SWLA saw the Rabbit Festival, Marshland Festival, Fur Festival, and more go up in a cloud of just memories as they were canceled one by one. The vaccine is now being distributed, but we are once again faced with the cancellation of our very own Mardi Gras.

Erich Church has released some upcoming tour and festival dates for 2021. During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, he was asked if he would actually take the vaccine. In Church's typical no-holds-barred fashion, he responded how he would take the vaccine in his eye if it meant that he could safely get back to work and playing on stage.

I have not felt anything more in my soul than that statement. Granted, I personally don't perform, but I can speak for the rest of the Gator crew when I say we miss standing on a stage and talking to crowds. We miss mingling between people as we fight for the next fried food to eat. We miss it all. We have gone from thinking 2021 would be better, to maybe the summer. As we see spring and summer events canceled, our only hope is for fall and winter, at this point. Heck, I'd be ecstatic to be over it by Christmas and see kids taking crying pictures with Santa Claus again.

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