In the world of "what's gonna go viral next", we have a chicken sandwich. At the beginning of August, the New Orleans born Popeyes Fried Chicken announced a new sandwich to their menu across 3000 restaurants. It's a chicken breast fried in their famous batter, topped with their sandwich spread, and sits between a brioche bun. Sounds amazing, right? Naturally, people began to try it, but there was a twist. As more and more tried the new item from Popeyes, they began to compare it to the "OG" chicken sandwich company, Chick Fil A.

Baby Chick

Both places seem to be going back and forth in an all out Twitter War about who has the best, but it seems to be trickling over into Facebook with people posting their Popeyes sandwich left and right. The general answer? It's delicious. Popeyes has never really been in the "new age" public eye as they are currently, and it seems to be a bold move to try and combat "God's Sandwich Company", Chick Fil A. This isn't Popeye's first sandwich, they just got rid of my personal favorite, the chicken strip po-boy. Will this new found fame help fast track Popeyes into branching out to take on other company's menu items, or is it just a flash in the fryer.

Either way, I am going tonight to try it!

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