Shout out to all the lazy peeps! And, yes, I am including myself in the "lazy people" category.

Actually, I want to take that back. I'm not lazy and I know plenty of non-lazy people that don't hit the gym. It's not that I'm too lazy to work out it's just that after a full day of work. and everything else life throws my way, I'd rather go home and eat dinner and sleep. Is that really that bad?

Ok, fine, I guess it's kinda bad. There are people with way busier lives than me and they get to the gym, so I have no excuse. And, now, thanks to Self Magazine I really have no excuse, because they have a workout I can do from bed.

Working out in bed sounds pretty magical, right? Plus, it only takes ten minutes! I can definitely get that done before I wake up, I just hope my husband doesn't mind my arms and legs flailing around while he tries to sleep in.

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