Who said you need to break a sweat to burn calories?

And, yes, there is a reason why there is a picture of a girl cuddling a dog on this post, but we'll get to that in a little.

Who made up the rule that you have to break a sweat to burn calories? That, my friends, is completely false!

So, if you are one of those Fit Bit fiends constantly check to see how many calories you burned after walking up the stairs, stop counting calories and start having some fun! Seriously, these random ways to burn a few calories are easy activities that you probably do for fun, not for the physical effects.

  • Bigandt_Photography

    Play With a Puppy for 30 Minutes

    I don't think I've ever said no to playing with a puppy! But, when you think about it, playing with a pup does take a lot of work. Have you ever tried to keep a 10 week old puppy under control? They are squirmy, full of energy, and can disappear under the couch in 5 seconds. So, whether you're throwing the ball in the backyard or making sure your new pup doesn't run into the living room and pee on the carpet, it's easy to see how playing with a puppy can burn 100 calories.

  • shironosov

    Sing Karaoke for 45 Minutes

    The other people at the bar might not be too stoked if you sing for 45 minutes, especially if you're off pitch, but if you're burning 100 calories who cares! Unfortunately, drinking and getting your karaoke on isn't going to do anything for you, because booze has a lot of calories. I know, sober karaoke is no fun, but you can deal with it for the fake exercise.

    Oh, and if you like to move and groove while you sing that will up your calories count! Having a dance party burns 200 calories in 30 minutes, so throw some high kicks in with your karaoke and you'll burn 300 calories in no time.

  • shironosov

    Invite Friends Over to Cook for an Hour

    Looking to try out a new recipe? Have a few friends over to cook and enjoy dinner! I know it seems like an activity that involves food would be a bad idea, but hosting a dinner party will help you burn 100 calories in one hour. Maybe it's because you're running back and forth to the kitchen, grabbing people refills of their drinks, or just too busy being entertaining to sit down. The constant movement of being the "host with the most" is a great way to shed some calories with out hitting the gym.

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