With the high school football season coming up, Emily and I were thinking: what are some of the funniest names for the mascots for football teams? Well, we found some, and let me tell you, they are hilarious.

According to footballscoop.com, here are some of the funniest ones that they and we found. So without further ado, here are ten of the funniest high school mascots.

10.  Michigan -- Mount Clemens High School Battlin Bathers

9.  Arizona -- Yuma High School Criminals

8.  Indiana -- Frankfort High School Hot Dogs

7.  Michigan -- Watersmeet High School Nimrods

6.  Georgia -- Cairo High School Syrupmakers

5.  West Virginia -- Poca High School Dots

4.  Tennessee -- Webb High School Feet

3.  West Virginia -- Mountain State Academy High School Birdcage Cuckoos

2.  Illinois -- New Berlin High School Pretzels

1.  Arkansas -- Aniak High School Halfbreeds

Now those are some funny named mascots, right? Wow! Who thinks of these? Now that I think about it, my mascot was kind of boring, but appropriate for our area. The LaGrange High School Gators. Not too bad. I hope you enjoyed the list.