April 5 will be opening day for the Texas Rangers. It will also be the first stadium allowing a full capacity crowd in its doors since the beginning of the pandemic. With the recent opening of Texas, more and more businesses are packing in customers left and right. Festivals are starting up, live music is returning, and bars are all getting back to they way things were a year ago.

With a capacity of over 40,000, Globe Life Field opened up just as the pandemic began. It has never had its full potential tested during a MLB game. It seems it will be fully tested now.

Last season, the MLB only allowed just over 11,000 fans in to watch the games during the postseason. It may not quite be back to pre-pandemic conditions, but that is almost expected. The Rangers are working with the MLB to make sure protocols are in place, such as masks or face coverings. There will be some additional seating reserved for fans who want to attend but do not want to sit so close as usual.

So far, the only other stadium to up their capacity even close to the Rangers has been the Colorado Rockies, sitting at 21,000 fans for their games. The Astros would be the other team to look at, being in Texas, but they are watching for season ticket holder sales along with a survey being sent out.

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