Although I am the "new guy" on the station. I am no stranger to Gator 99.5. I have been a listener for many years, through many amazing personalities, and transitions. I remember listening to every dumb joke Dale Mann would crack and how wacky Kris St. James was on the air. Mike Soileau was in my spot, doing the drive at 5 (I know, big shoes to fill, or is it long inseam pants?), and I was that weird kid that listened to the radio, constantly. I remember one morning hearing this story about how Mike apprehended a guy running out back behind the station. Years later, I had the chance to meet Mike Soileau for the first time playing golf, and he told me the story after I bugged him about it.

I was feeling sentimental and going back through the Gator YouTube page, and found they recorded the story and posted it! Two things to note after this story, don't run from the cops, and don't run from a radio DJ that used to be a cop.

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