November 1, 1986 would start one of the area's most popular stops in Acadiana. Lawrence Menard and Rober Cormier didn't know at the time, they were opening up a landmark in their area. I remember when I was younger in the first days of GPS, we ran across it on pure accident. Mom had heard about it from friends, and we finally found it. Walking into the store I instantly saw photos of these famous cajun musicians including Wayne Toups back in his mullet days. Instantly, I knew anything from this place was going to be amazing. It was.

As the years went on, The Best Stop perfected their recipes for sausage, seasonings, boudin, cracklins, and more. Now, the store not only continues to sell its amazing food in-house but has branched out to online sales and gotten its products into area stores all the way into SWLA. Now, it seems the cajun market is headed further west and hopping the state line into Texas!

Now, the question I have is whether this means they will be stocking their product in stores in these locations or will they be actually opening brick-and-mortar stores. The comments in the post prove either way it happens, the Texans are excited to get some Louisiana back in their life. With 706 comments and almost 900 shares, they all seem REALLY excited about it. With hurricanes causing some Louisiana residents to move out of state, it seems they will yet again get a taste of home over in the lone star state. Looks like Texas will finally get some decent food. I'm kidding, mostly.

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