So my cows think my lawnmower is a salad shooter or something! I'm mowing and they approach their fence with their tongues sticking out their heads?!?!

I wished I had one of the kids video it.

It's quite the struggle when you're pushing a pushmower and laughing at cow shenanigans!

The ranch house I’m renting belongs to my wife’s uncle and he’s a cattle rancher. Plus, my wife has an aunt who decided that the property needed a few horses too! Over the weekend, my daughter took up her aunt's over to go horseback riding. She was nervous at first but ended up having the time of her life.

Ellie LeLeux
Ellie LeLeux

By the time Father's Day came, it was spent relaxing and enjoying stories from the kiddos. Stories of horseback riding and a son choosing to attend a bible school in Oklahoma City.

All in all, a great weekend in the country!

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