We all know that traffic in Southwest Louisiana is horrible lately with both I-10 and I-210 Westbound always at a standstill from 5:00am to about 8:30am each weekday morning.

Well, we decided we wanted to ease your pain a little during your commute this morning by giving away tasty honey buns while you were stuck in traffic.

Gator Truck Hump Day Honey Buns

We called it the Hump Day Honey Bun! Your Buddy Russ and I, along with my wife, Christie, set out down the road from the station and set up on North Lakeshore Drive in Lake Charles.

We went Facebook live from the location, and as you were stuck in traffic, we handed out some tasty Gator traffic treats. Then, traffic was getting a little hairy so we decided to head south of town and posted up at the corner of Nelson Road and West Prien Lake Road.

We gave away honey buns to people stuck in traffic who were stopped at the red light.  Once all those were gone, your buddy Russ and I decided, "Hey let's go visit some businesses in the Lake Charles Area."

Our first stop, Luke's RV on I-210 and Legion Street. We stopped by to visit with Jimmy and the gang to drop off some breakfast.

Luke's RV Hump Day Honey Buns (Dennis, Jimmy, Mike Soileau and Your Buddy Russ)

Then it was on the Metal Mart at 124 1/2 Bunker Road in Lake Charles where we hung out with Neal.

Metal Mart Hump Day Honey Buns Revised (Your Buddy Russ, Neal Manager of Metal Mart, and Mike Soileau)

Since I used to work at the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office, we stopped by there to visit with Sheriff Tony Mancuso. Then, Commander James McGee took us around the department where we passed out Hump Day Honey Buns to different divisions like Detectives, Warrants, Patrol, Dispatch, Court Records and ID.

Sheriff Hump Day Honey Buns (Mike Soileau, Sheriff Tony Mancuso, Your Buddy Russ)

Our last stop was at Don's Wholesale located at East Prien Lake Road and Enterprise Blvd. We hung out with Mario and fed his crew.

Don's Wholesale Hump Day Honey Buns (Your Buddy Russ, Mario the Manager, Mike Soileau)

Russ and I were both born and raised here in Lake Charles and we had so much fun going out and meeting all the kind folks in the area. We love and support our listeners stuck in traffic, our local businesses, and the brave men and women of the Sheriff's Office.

Thank you for letting us hang out with you each and every day right here on Gator 99.5.