I am nosy! Although my currently apartment is just about perfect and priced to perfection, I always keep a look out for other options. You know, in case I accidentally burn the place down cooking rice.

I got a wild hair the other night, while watching NCIS, to start looking for the most expensive house for sale in Lake Charles currently. Boy did I ever find it!

I drive by the beautiful homes on Shell Beach Drive often, and dream of which one I'd plop down my lottery winnings on, if I ever won (if i ever played). Then I wonder what they look like on the inside. On Zillow, I ran across this absolutely stunning home for sale on Shell Beach, and fell in LOVE!

It is on the water and boasts 3 floors, an elevator, 4 bedrooms, and 6 baths. It has over 8,000 square feet under roof and even has MULTIPLE garages! 4 living areas, and something they are calling a "keeping room", it's not what I thought it was. For those of us that grew up in "normal" houses, we called that the "front room" or the "living room" versus the other room that we could actually sit on the furniture called the "den".

The price on the jewel? A deal at only $5.25 million. Stupid me decided to go ahead and look at the financing options on Zillow. If I don't put any money down (I'm broke as it is), with 4% interest, my monthly payments would only be a measly $29,887. So really, it's affordable, minus upkeep, electricity, gas, water, etc. I really only need to come up with and extra $29,300 or so extra a month to afford it. Or just get 29 roommates.