What do you do when you win the National Championship? If you're LSU, you head to the locker room and light up a cigar to celebrate with your team. However, there is a slight problem with that: smoking or vaping indoors is technically illegal in Louisiana.

Needless to say, the celebratory cigar enjoyed by LSU players, such as Burrow, was certainly breaking the law.

The media snitched immediately on the team in their locker room, including what might be a bit dramatic tweet by ESPN's Heather Dinich.

Her tweet was replied to instantly telling her how fun she must be at parties. The police did get involved and they watered the party down in the locker room saying that if it happened again, they would be forced to arrest those involved.

It was said that most of the officers involved really didn't seem to mind, but the "commander" minded and wanted the cigars put out ASAP. Sure, they just did something absolutely amazing over the previous hours, they should be allowed to celebrate. However, looking at the way some of the boys were holding their cigars, perhaps they should have stuck to chewing bubble gum. I don't think half of them had ever held a cigar before that night. Either way, there were no arrests, and the locker room party continued, minus the cigars.

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