Scams are not new. They all have the same premise. The only thing that changes is really the backstory. I think my passion for messing with scammers came from my father. He still loves to get calls randomly on the phone and waste as much of the scammer's time as possible. In my head, if I am wasting their time with my call, that's one less call they could make to others.

I once sat on the phone for 45 minutes convincing a scammer I was in my car to buy Amazon gift cards so I could win a giant million dollar prize and a 2009 Mercedes. I should mention this was just the past year, in 2019. They went as far as making me honk my horn to verify I was in my vehicle. I simply walked outside and locked my car to make the horn blow.

Over the past month or two, scammers have been trying to find any angle they can to get money out of people. This particular one was trying to donate money to various charities and, in turn, give me 30% of the donation for helping. All I needed to do was email their so-called banker my personal banking information. I should mention, do not ever do this! I ran with it, minus the bank info, and told them how I wanted to save the poor innocent crawfish that were losing their lives for human consumption.

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