I am a t-shirt hoarder. My collection is super random: Santa Claus drinking a White Claw, Alan Jackson, pumpkin face, a random clown, and more. I try to hold back on buying shirts because I just have so danged many of them. That was until I ran across this diamond in the rough.

In the category of "Why does this shirt exist?", I present to you Dolly Parton playing the autoharp while riding a golden-winged opossum over a Waffle House. Random? Yes. Is it a necessity in life? Also, yes. Did I think twice before buying it, no! If I see random things that just make zero sense, I try and go and research exactly where they came from. With a shirt this specific, I knew there just had to be a story behind it. Boy did I not expect to find out the story behind it.


There is a lot of scandal behind this specific design. I won't go into the details, but it involves a charitable organization that allegedly swindled gobs of money from donations, and used Dolly as their mascot. The organization went belly up after they got caught a few years ago, and we are left with this majestic piece of art. I don't really care about the backstory on it, I am buying it specifically for the design and just utter randomness that this shirt is. The website, TheUniqueStyles13.com, I found has zero affiliation with the previous "charity", so I pulled the trigger on it.

If you see me in my gold jacket and Dolly shirt, don't even question how majestic I will be feeling!

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