The winner for the genius idea to install in a house in New Orleans goes to whoever owns this Air BnB. Well, it's a VRBO, but they're the same thing. Think about it. You're in a city that you may not be familiar with, you don't know the roads, and you need some emergency meds or snacks. In a hotel, you might just walk over to the vending area, but you don't have that luxury in a little rental home.

Trina Gaspard
Trina Gaspard

This really is one of not only the most NOLA things I have seen, but it's also VERY Louisiana. Well, it's almost. It's missing a bag of Cheeweez or Zapp's chips. It does include beer, you can see a miller lite right at the bottom ready to be picked up. The funniest thing I saw was the fact it has Mardi Gras beads AND you can buy a Koozie. Frankly, even though I tend to stay strapped with a Koozie in my back pocket, I've been in a bind plenty of times. I would buy one from a vending machine in a heartbeat, just to tell the story later when I pulled it back out!

You've got a hygiene kit in there, allergy pills, sunglasses, and Pedialyte. Really and truly, that seems like all the things I have needed after a night in New Orleans. We need more forward thinkers like the person that owns this machine. Take note vending machine owners, we want Koozies and Mardi Gras beads in our machines!

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