If you live in Texas and love to go out to eat, you may not be able to dine at this popular seafood restaurant much longer. It seems nowadays that more and more national restaurants are struggling to stay open or are having to consolidate and close some of their locations.

It is not just limited to restaurants either. We have seen national clothing stores, appliance stores, and even national chains like Walmart that are closing their Texas centers. So there are no national or local businesses immune to having to close their doors. According to Scrapehero.com, this popular seafood restaurant has 55 locations in Texas.

Red Lobster Files For Bankruptcy Protection
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The locations close to East Texas and Southwest Louisiana are located in the greater Houston area. There used to be a location in Beaumont but that location closed its doors.

According to the Associated Press, the company that owns the seafood restaurants filed for bankruptcy protection last month after having to close the doors of dozens of their restaurants. The 56-year-old chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May 2024.

Red Lobster Mulls Possible Bankruptcy Filing Amid Debt And Rising Labor Costs
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The restaurant we are talking about is Red Lobster. Currently, Red Lobster still has 646 locations in 44 states and territories in the United States. The eatery is known for its popcorn shrimp, endless seafood specials, and of course lobster and crab leg dishes.

So If you love Red Lobster, you may want to visit one soon and enjoy their delicious food. With the company closing dozens of locations so far and filing bankruptcy, the future of the rest of the locations is unknown.

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