VeggieTales is by far one of my most favorite cartoons on the face of the Earth, well, next to Ninja Turtles. The cheesy songs we all remember from our younger days, but at the same time teaching a lesson each and every time.

veggie 2

Facebook user, actor, writer, and form Kidz Bop star Shama Mrema apparently has the same feeling towards this kids classic. His video of a remixed version of the VeggieTales theme song will take you back, and make you bob up and down a bit. It is a play on the theme song, but the words take us through some of the famous episodes that we randomly sing in our adult life (like when I can't find my hairbrush).

Give it a listen and don't tell me you didn't bob your head the entire time with a smile on your pretty little face!


For your nostalgia pleasure, here is the "OG" version of the intro to the greatest cartoon ever made!


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