The 2021 Major League Baseball World Series is set. The Atlanta Braves will face off against the Houston Astros in the best of 7 series. Houston has the home-field advantage as the first two will be played at Minute Maid Park in Houston.

Then games three, four, and five (If Needed) will be played in Atlanta.  If games six and seven are needed, the series would then shift back to Houston.

This is a series Astro and Brave fans have been waiting on for years.  If you remember, before the Houston Astros switched to the American League, they were in the National League and in the same division as the Atlanta Braves.

The last time the Atlanta Braves won the World Series was in 1995 while the Astros won the World Series in 2017.

So want to go to a game in Houston and experience the World Series? It's going to cost you. We did a little investigating for you and found that tickets are available but at a premium cost.

We were on the ESPN App and clicked their link for tickets which brought us to where we saw a bunch of tickets for Game One still available but they are going to cost you!

Game One Tickets are starting at $387 apiece. That is for standing room only seats. If you actually want to sit down, the cheapest seats we found are located in the top deck on row 16 and they are $441 apiece.


For Game Two of the series, the tickets get even more expensive. Standing room only seats for game two shoots up to $446 apiece. To sit down in game two, you will have to pay $491 for each ticket in the upper deck.

So if you are willing to melt your credit card down to go, then you are all set. If not and your like me, I'll just watch it on TV and save my cash.

Oh, by the way, Geaux Astros.

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