Country Rising Star Lainey Wilson is bringing her tour to Southwest Louisiana and Lake Charles this weekend as she will be performing at the Golden Nugget. You can still get tickets to this weekend's show, but you're gonna have to pay a pretty penny...

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Through Lainey's website, tickets are sold out and have been sold out for a while. But, as we all know, you can get plenty of tickets on aftermarket sites like Ticketmaster, Stub Hub, etc. Well, I was super curious to see what some of the best seats in the Grand Event Center were priced at, but I was not expecting the results I stumbled upon.

This show has been postponed a few different times and actually has seen Lainey BLOW UP in the country music world since the show was originally booked.

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With the Wilson tickets being such a hot commodity, I was curious if you could even purchase tickets to see her... Now, these are not the original ticket prices, these are aftermarket ticket prices. Had you bought the same ticket during the on-sale period, it would’ve been cheaper.

The original prices for the show WITH fees were $57.75, $52.50, and $46. (Those prices include all fees). Any tickets listed as available for this show are from 3rd party sites. Buyer beware. The safest way to purchase tickets to any of the shows at the Golden Nugget is directly from the Golden Nugget Lake Charles website.

As I write this, there are a grand total of less than FIFTEEN tickets available for the "Sold-Out" Show at the Golden Nugget. If you want to buy tickets, pull out your pocketbook! Just one ticket to the show will cost you well over $400 PER TICKET!!!

Here are some of the prices listed via STUBHUB.

Ticketmaster ScreenShot
Ticketmaster ScreenShot

To see all of the remaining tickets ahead of the show, CLICK HERE!

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