Meet Cooper Alan. I have been following him since the whole quarantine started. His videos feature him basically being a human jukebox as his family and girlfriend walk up to him, asking him to sing various artists, songs, and genres. Sometimes he even mixes the genres, songs, and artists all around.

This video I ran across the other day is perhaps on of the greatest ones he has done so far. He takes the song Rockstar by DaBaby, yes that is the name of a person, and sings the first line of it. Alan then takes that first line and begins to sing it in the style of various country music artists we all know. Not only does he nail the voice impersonation, but he also plays the song to the style of the artist's current hit. I'd say he is dead on with his impersonations, but his Erich Church squinty face is probably the absolute best one that he does during this video.

I will warn you, the first line of Rockstar does cuss, therefore Alan cusses each and every time he impersonates the next artist. Just a warning for little ears and eyes that might be around you when you decided to listen to the video.

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