Is it just me, or is carving a pumpkin extremely difficult?

Last year, my sad little jack-o-lantern looked like a pig, which would have been fine if that was the look I was going for. Unfortunately, it was not.

So, this year I have vowed to carve a pumpkin that will make the whole neighborhood jealous! Ok, fine, maybe it won't make anyone jealous, but I want to display my pumpkin proudly without worrying that trick-or-treaters are laughing at my pumpkin carving skills.

I found a great list on to help me carve the pumpkin of my Halloween dreams. With tips like leaving the top on your pumpkin to help contain moisture, to keeping your jack-o-lantern in the refrigerator to delay the decaying process.

This year, I will conquer pumpkins with pro-status carving abilities and it's all thanks to mentalfloss! Check out the full list of 11 Tips for Carving Better Pupmkins on the metalfloss website.


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