The cover/show band we all know and love here in SWLA and SETX is adding back a once retired member. This morning the Chee-Weez announced on their Facebook Page that the Hammond resident, Nashville Recording artist, and former Chee-Wee will be returning to the band in 2019.



O'Neill was a member of the party band in 2011 and 2012 before running off to Nashville and has shared the stage with Rascall Flatts, Jake Owen, and Craig Morgan, just to name a few. His single Love Again was on the Top 40 for Billboard, and was produced by Jay DeMarcus of Rascall Flatts.

The announcement has been made and the comments are showing nothing but excitement for the return for 2019. The Chee-Weez, in their post, kept repeating about a lot of "big things" were coming for the band, and with O'Neill back, I think that will show true.

If you aren't familiar with the pyro, light show, cover band, then let me introduce you to one of the best party bands in the area. The Chee-Weez!

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