The Website SWNS Digital recently conducted a poll to see what are the worst Christmas gifts you can get.  And their list is hilarious!

I think they most have hopped into a Delorean, fired up the flux capacitor, and went back in time to conduct this poll, lol.

Top 10 Worst Christmas Gifts You Can Get:

1.  Ugly clothing.

2.  A toiletry kit.

3.  Bath salts or a bottle of bubble bath.

4.  Socks.

5.  T-shirts with funny, clever, or inspirational sayings on them.

6.  A movie you've already seen.

7.  Candles.

8.  A handkerchief.

9.  A scarf.

10.  Soap on a rope.

According to a new survey, bad gifts are most likely to come from your in-laws.  Your co-workers are a close second.

I just want to know, who in 2017 thanks that it's acceptable to get anyone a soap on a rope or handkerchief?   I mean, soap on a rope is a great gift...for someone locked up!  I don't even think people have used handkerchiefs since 1934.

Let us know in the comments what is the worst Christmas gift you have ever gotten!

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