Facebook groups never disappoint. The latest rumor in new places to eat in the area is a Torchy's Tacos coming to Lake Charles! Where? Who knows? There are a few facts in place instead of just rumors and talk. Searching on LinkedIn, I was able to find a link to them accepting applications as of three days ago. This morning, it now says that they are no longer accepting applications on LinkedIn. This doesn't mean it was a mistake. Perhaps they were just putting feelers out to check the job force in the area.

tochys 3

What is Torchy's? Based in Austin, TX, the founder bought a food trailer and began selling out of it. The experimental tacos he served were a hit and patrons claimed them to be "Damn Good". Thus, their catchphrase of "Damn good tacos".

Let's hope the rumors are true and they make their way over to the Chuck. I have never been to one, but man the menu looks OHHHHHH MAZING!

Here's what a typical grand opening party looks like.

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