We have enough issues in the world. We also have technology that has the ability to record everything we do whether we like it or not. In this case, I find it hilarious that it all came back around on this individual. I won't name the person, but the Sulphur PD has the story on their Facebook page with her name. The last thing I need is another lawyer calling and complaining about a story I wrote. It's happened a lot!

Basically, our Sulphur Karen got stopped by an unmarked car and she decided to contact the Sulphur PD about the fact that this individual that pulled her over was pretending to be an actual law enforcement officer. Ok, fair enough. We have all seen this happen on videos and heard stories. Sulphur Detective Jeremy Cain was on the case and worked to get surveillance video of the actual traffic stop in order to make sure that our blessed Karen was indeed pulled over by an officer. Guess what? She was indeed pulled over by an unmarked unit and the officer was a State Trooper of Troop D. Detective Cain went a bit further in his snooping around. Karen had a few more complaints about this officer that pulled her over even if he was indeed real. Remember, she claimed she didn't think he was.

KPEL Photo
KPEL Photo

Det. Cain requested the dash camera and body camera footage from the officer that made the traffic stop and reviewed it. Apparently, our poor little Karen was a bit heavy on the make-believe that she told during her complaint. It was verified by Detective Cain that the majority of the story that he was told by Karen was indeed false. Oops. Want to know how you can get pulled over, get a ticket, and THEN get a summons to court? Just like this.

Detective Cain gave a jingle over to the DA's office and charged our poor Karen with Criminal Mischief-Giving of any false report or complaint. She was issued a Misdemeanor Summons. Hopefully, she doesn't get pulled over by the same Trooper that pulled her over the first time on her way to court!

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