I mean, who doesn't want more wine? Especially if we're talking about free wine, but you do have to be a little sneaky to get it. Ok, maybe "sneaky" isn't the right word, but you do have to be at least a little sly when it comes to the art of getting a bigger glass of wine at restaurants.

According to a study at Iowa State University --go figure, college students wanted to know out how to get free alcohol -- there are two tricks to try when you order wine at restaurants.

The first trick to try is to have a waiter, not waitress, take your order. The study found that men pour more women do, about 9% more if we really want to get into details. Of course, don't be a fool and specifically ask for a male waiter, because if that plan fails there is one more way to get an extra splash of wine in your glass, hold your glass when the waiter/waitress pours your wine.

The wino's, aka researchers, at Iowa State University found that 12% more wine is poured when someone is holding their glass verses when it is sitting on the table. Can you imagine if you had a male waiter and held your glass? That's 21% more wine!

So, there you have it, two ways to get more wine when you're enjoying Mother Nature's sweet nectar at restaurants.

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